Wednesday is perhaps both my busiest day, as well as my favorite. Like most days, it starts with prayer, but on Wednesday I pray with my good friend and Pastor at the First Presbyterian Church, Pete. We start each one of our meetings with a devotional that rotates from week to week before discussing and discerning together the nature and shape of pastoral calling. It is often during these times I will begin to think about problems differently, understand a task in a new light, or just feel connected with someone who shares my concerns.

At the office I work on the youth study for Sunday, check-in on my CASA case, and prep for my evening small group before heading off for Laundry Love. This week the youth study is on Luke’s gospel where the 72 come back from being sent out and exclaim “Lord, even the demons submit themselves to us in your name.” And Jesus replied, “I saw Satan fall from heaven like lightning.” I know, or often know, that going to Laundry Love is participating in the sent-ness of being a disciple but today I take the time to consider the cosmic dimensions of participating in God’s mission. The demons will submit to Jesus name? The demons of addiction, brokenness, anger, depression, and homelessness, are beginning to be broken in this sending and Satan falls like lightening. As I place the quarters in the washers I try to make each one a prayer, a prayer to drive out the demons in this place, and let each fall into machine as if it is Satan falling like lightening. We spent nearly $80 some days, so by estimation I drove about 320 demons (in quarters).

After Laundry Love I normally return to the office to close up for the day before heading home to get a quick dinner and set-up for small group. One of the greatest things I feel Christians need today is to continually find places where they can reconnect to our worship, our story, and other Christians. It is not easy to be a Christian nowadays, but small group serves as oasis in the desert where I can reconnect to the body of believers and the worship of God.


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