On Tuesdays I have two meetings in the morning to help me set my agenda for the week. The first meeting is in prayer. After I take Kelli to work I come home and sit down with coffee and open up my prayer book. My prayer book always begins with “O’Lord, Let me soul rise up to meet you, as the day rises to meet the sun.” One of the things I intentionally try and do during this time is to listen for what God might be wakening me up to in the world. God is often up to things and is merely looking for us join rather than invent a whole new thing. I pray for the world, our community, and our church asking God’s reign to set up in the ruins of all that is passing. I read scripture, not because it terribly enlightening or exciting for me but because it tell the story of the shape God’s action takes in the world, most clearly in the person of Christ. To close often I will pray the Lord’s Prayer.

Then I finish my coffee and head to our weekly staff meeting. During this time Brent, Eva, and I update each other on what is going on for us that week, and what we need from each other for the next week. Sometimes each of us is moving on the same page and everything just works. Other times we have to catch up, be clear, and listen.

For many of us it would be easy to play these two meetings off each other. Am I listening to God or am I merely doing what humans want? While I would admit this is an important question I think we have to ask if such a dichotomy exists. What if God’s setting of the agenda is our work with other people? We can pretend like they simply opposites but what if God wants to exist in mission and love with others for the sake of his kingdom in the world? Always ask what God might be asking of you, but always remember that even Jesus sent his disciples out in groups of two.


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