Albums of the Year

My much hipper than I friend in Seattle, Andrew Galore, recently posted his top 10 albums from 2010 and 2011. They are pretty good lists minus the amazing, unbelievable, unexplainable, incomprehensible exclusion of Kanye West from his 2010 list (that is unless he has a secret number one that is too great to mention: Kanye’s album.) As part of the deal of him posting his lists, I told him I would post my best albums from the past year. Mr. Galore’s lists are probably better for helping you discover some hidden gems and music you haven’t heard of, whereas my lists contain things you have heard and the fact that I do listen to some CCM (Contemporary Christian Music). I’m sure I am missing plenty of things I really enjoyed over the past two years but these are the ones that stick out right now (Isn’t that really the fault of digital that I can’t really think of everything I listened to?).


  • Pick of the Year

Fiest, Metals: I just love this album. The lyrics, the music, the depth, and top of that it’s a much different type of style than her previous music. It was kind of a weak year compared to last year but this is just the most complete album of the year.

  • Christian: For Christian music I listened to two artists who released albums in back to back years. Individually the album are pretty good but if they had take the best from each album we would looking at some of the top CCM of the last 5 years.

John Mark McMillian, Economy & The Medicine

Gungor, Ghosts Upon the Earth & Beautiful Things

  • Rap: All in all I spend more time listening to Kanye’s album more than any other rap album. But I found Drake’s album last month and I have really take to it.

Drake, Take Care

  • Indie-ish: I am not really sure what to classify these albums are but I am sure you have heard of most them and seen them on plenty of lists.

Florence + the Machine, Ceremonials

Iron & Wine, Kiss Each Other Clean

The Head the Heart, The Head and the Heart

  • Pomo Crooners: I wanted to list these two together because I think they represent a new genre of music for me. The style, at first, was something I had to adapt my music listening tastes to, but in the end they are both amazing albums. Bon Iver was close to pick of the year but was knocked off by Fiest in December.

James Blake, James Blake

Bon Iver, Bon Iver

Adele, 21

For fun what I would listed for 2010

  1. Kanye West
  2. Sufjan Stevens
  3. Mumford & Sons
  4. The National
  5. Sara Groves
  6. Over the Rhine
  7. The Black Keys
  8. Brooke Fraser, Flags

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