Bish Wright

Because I am one of a few younger semi-emerging pastors in the area I get asked quite a bit for my thoughts on whatever might be on the minds of older more evangelical pastors (I could say something snarky about the mainline church pastors but I resist). Lately is seems many of them are interested in the notion of Hipster Christianity (already covered) and the good Bishop NT Wright. While I am not the biggest fan of NT Wright (for theological reasons, presented well by Richard Hays, and that he says mean things about Anabaptists) for many he represents the New Perspective on Paul beginning to take root in our churches (which I am more sympathetic with). In order to give some context to these conversations I often recommend they watch the lectures NT Wright gave at Wheaton this summer. Of course that is quite a bit of listening to do so here, in condensed fashion, is a 9 minute video that I feel hits on the direction of his work. Even thought is is short if you listen well it will give some hint as to where his thoughts both converge with traditional theological statements and also diverge.

HT: Kevin


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