Good & Bad

Now that I am a full time pastor I often consider a conversation that came up several times at seminary. When talking about the church at some point we would all begin to rail on how one medium is done (think worship, preaching, small groups) and laugh at how shallow, individualist, or consumerist some of the approaches we take to these things in the church. While it was a fun seminary thing to do, and many times good points were brought up, for those of us heading towards professional ministry it was a constant reminder that were going to have to do something when were employed.

One particular time this conversation came up was in regard to worship music. Everybody made fun of the Passion movement, repressed sexual lyrics about God, cheesy choruses, and we all had a good laugh. But since I just interviewed for a position that day I asked some of the most vocal people, “Ok, I totally agree with your critiques but when I go to work for a church they are going to want to sing something about God, what should it be?” The first response I got was, “Don’t ask me, I just stopped going to church.” Given that wasn’t an option I pushed a little further to get the  general response of “we don’t know.”

“We don’t know” is one thing that often summed up the seminary critiques about the church. So when in the process of stumbling through the blogs I read this week I came across this video.

On the one hand I was instantly drawn toward critiquing the overused buzz word called “missional.” And yet when I got over my need to out think everything I realized this video very correctly displays some of my hopes for Lebanon Mennonite. In this area of the country there is a desire to make an invitation into evangelism and to become another wanna-be mega church. Sure the video isn’t all good but it isn’t all bad. And when I finally came around to not seeing it as just bland apology for the word missional, the video reminded me of am extremely simplified  presentation of what Halden and Dr. Nate Kerr seem to be calling  for from our churches. (They would most likely put the in place of mentioning the church in second scenario something like the church reminding us of the apocalyptic nature of Jesus in it’s place, but then they lost every non-theologian watching).

All of this to say that I am trying to get over my deep seated cynicism.


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